If you have to forfeit, you have an obligation to let us know on a timely basis, so that we can let your opposition, referee and ground manager know, to avoid the inconvenience of people turning up unnecessarily.  All forfeits must now be notified via Facebook and only via Facebook.  To be recorded as a notified forfeit, it must be logged on Facebook by no later than 4pm Fridays to ensure that relevant parties (opposition, referees…) may be advised, to avoid them turning up unnecessarily.  If you subsequently remove the post, it will be treated as an un-notified forfeit (10 points instead of 5).


Email correspondence is preferred. If not able, please send mail correspondence to:

Jamberoo Touch Incorporated
PO Box 341
Kiama NSW 2533

If you have an insurance claim, you must first contact the Committee (your manager has the relevant details) or the Treasurer via the form below.  Claims can only be lodged through the Committee.

If you have a question or comment, please complete the form below, being sure to record your email address or other contact details so that we can properly respond to your query.

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