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  • Welcome to the home page of Jamberoo Touch Incorporated, where you will find links to important information relating to the past, present and future of touch football in

Games for Winter Competition are: Cancelled


COVID Update

  • The Winter Comp has been called off due to COVID.
  • The reason being that many of our players are from Shellharbour and North or have traveled into this area and are now under a lock-down

2021 Junior Competition

  • Please visit the Juniors Page to see details about upcoming Junior Competition – Juniors Page

Summer 2021

  • This Competition will commence on 8th October, with Grand Final on 6th March.
  • All Registration Forms must be typed and emailed back, not hand written and scanned.
  • These are due in by 2nd August.
  • The Registration Form is available here – Summer 2021 – Registration sheet
  • The Shirt Designs are available here – Shirt Designs
  • The Registration Forms can be emailed to – admin@jamberootouch.com.au
  • Please ensure to read the Jamberoo touch Code of Conduit and ensure all plays are aware of it – Code of Conduct

General Info regarding games:

  • If unable to access the web, please listen out to i98fm or WaveFM for cancellations.
  • Where it has been wet for a while, we might not call games off until an inspection is done at around 4-5pm.
  • Check this website before 6pm on game day. Unfortunately, it is possible that games are cancelled after 6pm and the website will not be updated. This is most relevant during the threat of lightning BUT also where the fields are already wet and nearing saturation. We make no apologies for trying to get games to be played, but will always consider the condition of the grounds for the safety of players as well as future users of the grounds.
  • Games will go ahead even on wet days unless Kiama Council has closed the ground (council web page is here) or the Committee believes the ground is unsafe for play. Be aware that sometimes the Council will leave the grounds open but leave it to the discretion of the local Committees to make a decision on whether to play. A final decision on cancellations will generally not be possible before 4.30pm, unless Kiama Council has closed the grounds earlier (they usually do a final inspection on Friday afternoon).
  • Refer to the downloads page for further information on player numbers and the official rules of the game, including local interpretations.

Photos and history of Jamberoo Touch

If you have any photos related to touch football in Jamberoo (action shots, team photos or otherwise) please contact us so that it may be preserved in history!

Important Dates for your diary

  • None at the moment

Code of Conduct

Jamberoo Touch has initiated its own Code of Conduct, which applies to all players, as well as referees and officials. Please take the time to review this document, as it reflects the spirit in which our competition is played and run. Refer to the Downloads page for this document.

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